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To counter the excessive efforts and cut short your expenses on your business campaign, you should buy Gmail accounts of premium quality from FameWide to execute the email marketing strategy and make your business campaign more effective and revenue-generating in no time. We at FameWide provide our clients with the best quality PVA, both Fresh and aged Gmail accounts at very cheap rates with fast delivery backed up by a 24×7 live support team at your service.

Buy Gmail PVA accounts to launch a massive campaign for your newly established business and be a leading brand in the market. Our premium Gmail service will help you outrank your rivals in the competitive market and make you a successful entrepreneur in a short time.

Buy old Gmail accounts as they are among the trusted accounts and will not be compromised in any way. Business executers Buy aged Gmail accounts more often as they can be optimized for broader campaigns and more work and are highly secured. These accounts can be used for different works, for instance, if you are willing to run campaigns on other social media platforms, you can use these quality Gmail accounts to create accounts on these leading social media networks as well. Additionally, you can also utilize this premium quality Gmail accounts for leaving reviews on different platforms.

Merits to buy PVA Gmail Accounts

When you buy PVA Gmail accounts, you get Phone Verified Accounts made with unique IPs and unquestionably secured. There are two categories when it comes to PVA accounts. They are as such: Aged (old) Gmail accounts and Fresh Gmail accounts. Both genres of accounts are beneficial to carry out different works in a different capacity. Aged Gmail accounts are used mostly for larger business ventures as it allows users to access more features while fresh accounts are limited to features and used to carry out emerging business. Thus, individuals or firms around the world are all benefiting from Gmail accounts abundantly. And we at Famewide make it easier for the clients to benefit from our quality services at highly affordable prices with a dedicated expert support team ready to help and that can be reached 24×7.

About Gmail

Gmail stands for Google mails which is a free email service developed and introduced by Google in 2004. As of 2022, it has at least 1.8 billion active users worldwide. Users usually access Gmail in a web browser or the official mobile app. Google also allows the use of numerous email clients via the POP and IMAP protocols. After users’ constant demand for a more suitable email service, Google stepped forward and developed an advanced and more organized emailing service in 2004 as it offered more gigabytes than the existing two other emailing giants, Yahoo and Microsoft which allow clients four and two megabits for storage. Users can still purchase additional storage. Nonetheless, Gmail made it easy for users with its increased storage capacity and that is what makes it worth buying Gmail accounts. However, Google started to earn revenue from in-mail advertising which raised the concern of users’ privacy but in a recent interview, founder Larry Page assured of owning a stringent policy to safeguard the information of users. Furthermore, the program continues to profit from ads that are delivered to targeted users via emails but remained out from more controversial and typical advertisement banners that pop up in the middle of nowhere.

Evolution of Gmail storage

On April first, 2004 Gmail made a blowing entry into the internet market by offering one gigabyte which was at the time a far higher amount than the other email service providers. The following year on its first anniversary, it announced to double its usage storage to two GB and as expected in the coming few years it has further surprised and facilitated its users with more and more gigabytes of storage. In 2012, Google launched Google drive and increased its storage from 7.5 gigabytes to 10 gigabytes. The very next year it has announced the merge of all its three services, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+Photos, giving it a combined 15 gigabytes of storage. And the evolution didn’t stop here as of 2018, Google launched a service known as Google one where users can purchase extra storage via monthly packages which can be shared among all these services. As of 2021, Google allows users 15 GB of storage and through a monthly subscription, Users can obtain up to two terabytes of storage and share it through all its services.

Key Features of Gmail Accounts

Google has adapted and developed numerous features over the years in a bid to serve its millions of users more efficiently.

Gmail’s Use of AI

Google has been using artificial intelligence for decades now to facilitate its users efficiently and make it easy for users to use its services abundantly. The ability of Google to make use of artificial intelligence is unquestionably smart, regardless of any of its tools, whether software, mobile phones, or in its applications. Gmail’s use of AI is more way convenient for users as it allows users in mailing to benefit from its predictive professional texts which can save users time and make it easy for them to send and compose emails conveniently. It detects the previous conversation and its context and based on that, it gives smart and creative suggestions to write. Additionally, it also helps users with grammar. This feature must be on from the setting or else users miss experiencing it. AI also protects you from spam emails as it detects unidentified and unwanted messages and receives them in the spam folder instead. Users can also mark important emails which AI might receive in the spam folder and it will no longer receive them in the spam folder again. Gmail is being top in the market for longer and it is continuously holding the no.1 position and which makes it more worthy to buy Gmail accounts whether for personal use or marketing purposes.

Schedule your emails

One of its extraordinary features is scheduling emails which can be sent at a specific minute, hour, day, or the day after tomorrow. Users can adjust timing according to their plans and set the emails ready to send at a particular time when they like. If you have still no access to this feature, it may be due to the old version as it is experienced only in the updated version. To find out how one can adjust scheduling emails is simple, just click on the drop-down menu on the send button and make an easy selection for the scheduling emails.

Customize Notifications

It is sometimes tiring and time-consuming for individuals to read every single mail who are handling multiple tasks at a time and receive tons of emails every day and miss the important emails more frequently. And Gmail paid heed to this problem by adding a new feature where users can modify notification settings to never miss important emails. Users can prioritize emails in the notification settings where they will notify when these emails are being received. One can enable alerts for important emails from the notification settings of the Gmail account.

Transfer important mails and attachments to Google Drive

With its constant development, Google is proven user-friendly and problem solver, as users had to save the important emails often on computer or phone devices which made hindrance accessibility to emails. Users can now save emails in google drive from their Gmail, make a particular folder for them, and can also give access to colleagues or business partners who can access the particular folder from anywhere around the world. The invention and evolution of Google services over the years made data sharing and storing way easier as well as helped enhanced the productivity of individuals and helped developed online marketing and businesses efficiently.

In an already developed and potential internet market one should get the advantage of Gmail accounts which allow users with its sophisticated features to run and manage business campaigns smoothly and more professionally. If you buy PVA Gmail accounts, you will avoid scammers indulging in your business activities who can compromise the reputation of your brand. Gmail is the most secure platform as it encrypts all messages so they cannot be reachable for scammers to use them for nefarious activities. Another merit to buy old Gmail accounts and using Gmail services is that it has zero downtime which makes it the most reliable emailing service in the competitive market.

Moreover, Gmail also provides the Hangout feature which is useful in organizing video conferences and meetups with international business partners or clients feasibly. This video feature has an AI system that works smartly as it automatically focuses on the main speaker during a video conference. 

Buy Gmail accounts now and get unlimited benefits from all its features instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide quality and secure services at cheap rates with instant delivery. We always score clients’ satisfaction 10/10. Our main goal is to serve not only to earn. Order now and get reliable service for your business to boom. 

We are here to make sure our clients get the highest quality and most secure service in the competitive market. Our PVA Gmail accounts are 100% safe to use as we have worked with thousands of clients and our complaints rate is equivalent to none. For further queries, you can read our services reviews on the main page.

When it comes to the security of Gmail accounts, old accounts are best at it. Business owners buy old Gmail accounts as these accounts have more trust rate in the eyes of Google. Google will not ask for any extra verifications when you buy old Gmail accounts for your business campaigns. You can utilize this quality old Gmail accounts for multiple works such as making Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts linking them to your Gmail, and keeping them secured.

You need not look elsewhere as you are already in the right and worthy place to buy Gmail accounts along with other promotional services of the finest quality and at cheap rates with instant delivery. You are also backed up by our expert and dedicated support team which serves valued clients 24×7 via live chat.

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Yes, we offer multi-continental Gmail accounts made with unique IPs. You can specify further in your order page to avail of a Gmail account according to your needs.

Yes, we offer our valued clients with 20% discount on their first order. If you buy Gmail accounts in bulk, you will avail of a greater discount. Reach out to our 24×7 live chat support for further queries. 

We normally start working on your order after receiving instructions from you but still, it depends on the quantity of the order, if it is in bulk it may take up to 24 hours or else, we deliver our services instantly.

You buy PVA Gmail accounts and that is rare to occur with our premium quality Gmail accounts, if by any chance they get banned, reach us within 48 hours and we will replace them free and instantly. Additionally, we also provide a guideline on the delivery email on how to securely use these Gmail accounts to avoid unpleasant consequences. 

Our policy does not allow testing services, instead, we have cut the costly price to a minimum and we believe you can buy our service for its trial experience.

To facilitate our clients well, we have a flexible refund policy. we always refund instantly if the requirements of the clients are not met on time. Contact our live chat team to avail an instant refund.

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