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It’s time to use smart ways to do business in this digital era, where potential customers now do rely on online services where they find hundreds of online retailers locally. On a global scale, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses benefiting from this evolution of social media marketing.

Utilizing one of the biggest social media platforms is not that hard job but does require some smart key strategies and we Famewide will help you mitigate your efforts to become a successful business on Facebook by providing one of the highest quality Facebook ads accounts where you can easily launch ads campaign for your business to boom in a very short time, thus saving you time and huge costs concurrently as we offer premium quality, real and aged Facebook accounts, PVA and US Facebook business manager accounts with cheap price and instant delivery.

Facebook has secured the title of being a humongous social network as of now, which gives the business community a great opportunity to present their product and services to billions of active users monthly.

Before Facebook, companies, and entrepreneurs had to spend a pile of cash for business campaigns where they often could not reach their targeted customers or due to limited budget, they could not take it further and result in infertile business.

Luckily, the launch of Facebook in 2004, has made the job easy and cost-effective for brands and businesses out there.

Since then, businesses have saved millions in costs and earned simultaneously. For brands and businesses to run smoothly, cost-effectively, and make continuous profits, they need a strategy that helps them easily reach more potential customers and help expand their business.

We have a quality solution for uplifting your business and expanding it drastically by offering you key tools Facebook ads accounts and a verified business manager with affordable price, instant delivery, and 24×7 customer support via live website build in chat as well as WhatsApp.

Buy Facebook accounts with marketplace

Increase your engagements by availing of our premium services as we offer you to buy old Facebook account for ads where you can enable marketplace or we can provide you Facebook accounts with marketplace at cheap rates.

It is hard to run ads or enable the marketplace from new accounts as they will either get banned or will not work at all. Our team at your service can provide you with the best solutions by providing you with Facebook ads and Bm accounts with a spending limit from $50 to $250 and without limits.

Buy business manager Facebook that fit the best for your needs.

We also encourage you to buy other key services from us which has benefited our clients immensely. If you buy page likescomments, views, reviews, and shares, it will surpass your evaluation of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have made customer-friendly templates above where you can easily select a package according to your needs or if you want a more specific order, contact us for a custom order, we are 24×7 available at your service.

We have earned a good reputation online due to our engaging customer support and providing instant services to hundreds of marketing professionals. Feel confident and place your order now to experience the best while choosing Famewide.


Yes, we offer in US, UK, Philippines, and Indian Aged accounts  . If you want a more specified account, get engaged with our expert customer support team to satisfy your needs.

Yes, most definitely, if you are operating multiple accounts from the same IP then it is smarter to use a clean proxy to avoid a ban from Facebook. Avoid cheap proxies which sometimes are not helpful and can be detected easily by Facebook and may enlist you in multi-accounting consequently will ban your Facebook ads accounts.

Yes, our clients often buy Facebook ads accounts in bulk and use them for multiple business advertising and they do get quite a good discount while availing of our premium Bulk Facebook ad accounts. Never get hesitant to contact our experienced and compromising support team to offer you a good decent discount on your bulk purchase.

Actually, yes you can buy a male or female-aged Facebook account for ads. Please specify that in your order so that we can get you a quality matching account for you.

As social media marketing experts, we would like to advise you to buy old Facebook accounts for ads due to their durability and security. You can buy an aged PVA Facebook account for advertising campaigns which will be a perfect fit for your business module. Get it now and start expanding your business exponentially.


You can buy verified Facebook Business Manager accounts here, just let us know the details, how old and what country activated Facebook business manager account you need and we will find it for you and provide you instantly.


We continuously optimize our services which makes it 100% risk-free at any level. You can use these premium quality accounts for advertising your product and not worrying about getting a ban from Facebook. If an account gets banned after an ad you post, we guarantee a 24hour replacement. Additionally, you will get a guide on how to use these accounts properly in a bid to avoid security checks from Facebook.

Place your order now and pay with Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money.

Unfortunately, no we do not offer any services for the test due to the nature of accounts which are of high quality and not so expensive. Our affordable price tag allows you to buy an account for testing as well.

We offer a 24hour replacement guarantee but only if the accounts are non-working if we fail anyhow in providing a replacement, we will refund all of the money at once.

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